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Α. Beginning from the harbour in Aegina by car or by motorcycle or even by using public transport, you can visit the different beaches of the island, the many churches and monasteries and the archeological places of the island.

Β. By boat

Daily cruises are organized to take you around the island of Aegina and to the nearby islands of Argosaronikos like Agistri-Poros-Hydra-Spetses.

C. Opposite Aegina, is Agistri which you can visit by small ships that leave daily during the summer from the port in Aegina.

D. There is access from the island to Methana, Poros, Hydra, Spetses, Porto Xeli and Ermioni.
Aegina is ideal for day trips and excursions.

You can leave at 9:00 in the morning by ship from Piraeus, visit any island you want and be back at Aegina with the last ship.

During the summer, excursions are organized to performances at the Ancient theatre of Epidayros.

For information : Cultural Association of Aegina "Kapodostrias" 22970-25142, or Asco Tours 22970-27798.
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