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According to mythology Zeus, who was the father of Gods, fell in love with one of God Asopo's daughters, who was very beautiful and her name was Aegina.
He kidnapped her and took her to the island of Oinoi.
There, they had a son called Aiakos and the island was named after her.

Zeus made Aiakos a king and according again to mythology, he turned the ants of the island into people so he could have citizens.

For this reason, the inhabitants of Aegina were called Mirmidones. Aiakos married Kedavro Xeirona's daughter called Endintha with whom he had Pileas and Telamonas.

He also married Nirintha Psamanthi with whom he had Foko.
Pileas and Telamonas murderedFoko out of jealously and then they left the island.
Pileas went to Thessalia, he married Thetitha and they had a son called Achilleas.
Telamonas went to Salamina, he married Arivoia and they had Aiada.
Aegina was Achileas and Aiada's hometown and they were both two of the most important heroes in the war of Troy.
Aiakos, never forgave Pileas and Telamonas.
He was pious and fair and when he died, he became a judge in Adiswith Rodamanthi and Minoa.

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