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Road View

Starting from the town of Aegina and continuing north towards Souvala, you rech a place called Kipseli.
Kipseli is about 4 kilometers away from the town of Aegina and it's the second most populated community in Aegina.
The inhabitants of Kipseli are mostly occupied with the peanut trees and the almond trees. Near Kipseli there is a beautiful, old church called Saint Nicolas Moulou.
If you continue that road you will pass through a place called Vathi and the after 4 kilometers you will have reached Souvala.
Souvala is 10 kilometers away from the town of Aegina and it has thermal springs that can help cure athritis, rheumatic pains and dermatological problems.
It's a tourist resort with many tourist attractions.
From Souvala, there is a road that takes you to Palaioxora and to the Monastery of Saint Nektarios and then it meets a road that goes to Aphaia and Santa Marina.

From Souvala a coastal road leads to Vaia, a small tourist area with a beautiful beach and houses that are covered in flowes.

If you continue going on that road, you will be heading to Mesagro and from there to Santa Marina.

The first road after Saint Nektarios continues going east and it reaches Mesagros which is a big town where its inhabitants are occupied with farming and pottery.

After Mesagro, the road goes up a pine-clad hill and on the top of the hill there is the Temple of Aphaia which is admirable and worth seeing.

The road continues downhill and after 4 kilometers it reaches the picturesque gulf of Santa Marina which is a big tourist resort with hotels, restaurants, bars, a very nice santy beach fully orginised with many water sports available.
After Santa Marina, the road continues going along the seaside and it ends up to a fishing village called Portes.
From Portes, the central road goes uphill and once you pass Anitsaio, it goes by an archeological area, and then it continues towards a traditional mountainous village called Pahia Rahi, and from there it goes back to the town of Aegina.
A seaside road that starts from the harbor of Aegina, goes by the harbor of Faros, Marathona with its well organizes beach, Aeginitissa with its beautiful beach and finally it reaches Perdika and the small island of Moni.
After Pachia Rachi, you come to the Hellenic Wildlife Hospital on your right.
You may visit its facilities and see a variety of wild animals, mostly birds that have been wounded by humans.
Many young people work here as volunteers, not only from Greece but also from other countries, donating their time and knowledge in this very demanding service.
Animals that are succesfully rehadilitated are then released to their natural habitat, wherever that might be.
The rest, which need long-term care, remain in the centre.
There is a small shop in the premoses where you can purchase variouw items, most of which are handmade, such as cemacs, bracelets and necklaces, in support of the centre's mission.

Wildlife center Volunteers
The Center Birds

Aegina lends itself to hiking and trekking.

There are many routes and paths to follow and many trekkers visit the island.

Distances from the town of Aegina to : Marathonas - 5 klm., Perdika - 9 klm., Saint Nektarios - 7 klm., Santa Marina - 15 klm., Anitsaio - 9.5 klm., Vagia - 13 klm., Souvala - 8 klm., Portes - 12.5 klm.

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